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Canvas Texture Art
Decoupage - Wood and Glass
Encaustic Art
Fabric Painting
Filani Clay
Mosaic - Art
Crafters Corner


TAS Hobbies offer a variety of workshops to enable you to hone your skills.

Abstract canvas texture art (different textures and dry brushing)

Texture art on canvas - Flower, Abstract - (different mediums e.g. wood, glass, rope, texture paint and dry brushing)

Decoupage on Wood or Glass

Encaustic Art - Beginners class and Advanced class

Mosaic - mixed media black board

Mosaic - handmade glass tiles - pot stand

Pewter on note books, wooden trinket boxes etc.

We offer Workshops on weekdays as well, please Contact Us to book.

We would be delighted if you paid our Crafters Corner a visit to discuss your hobby and where we can be of assistance.

Coffee is on tap as well as the experts to offer you an insight into the wonderful world of TAS Hobbies.

We also have regular workshops where the finer points of our hobbies are explained and give you the opportunity to "get hands on".

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Shop 5, Trinity Village Shopping Centre, Knoppiesdoring street, Randpark Ridge, Gauteng, South Africa