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This is a form of Repoussť and involves impressing or engraving designs, with tools designed for the purpose,
onto a thin sheet of pewter.

Pewter Repoussť is one of the most popular crafts and is versatile, easy to learn and most importantly a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby.
All pewter material and tools are available from TAS Hobbies.

Regular Workshops are held in order to give those interested in this art the chance to work hands-on and be instructed by experts in the field. Contact us to make arrangements to a workshop.

The images below are but a few samples of what can be achieved working with pewter. Some tools of the trade are depicted after the images below.

Notebook cover

Notebook cover

Notebook cover

Trinket Box lid cover

Trinket box cover

Box cover

Book cover

Salt and Pepper set.

Repoussť Tools

TAS Hobbies stocks Mimmic tools and materials


Paper stubs

Pack containing 6 different sizes.
Used to smooth and flatten backgrounds, to tidy edges of raised objects, to push out and stretch the metal when giving volume.

Pattern roller set

Set of 5 different designs

Small tool set

2 Ball & Cup
2 Teflon Tips

Giant teflon set

Giant chisel, point and ball, angle shaped tips, glides across the pewter, perfect for larger work.

Teflon tips (large)

Chisel, point and ball, angle shaped tips, glides across the pewter.

Teflon tips (small)

 Chisel, point and ball, angle shaped tips, glides across the pewter.

Ball & cup set

Sizes 4 to 8 (large to giant)

13 Different tools:

5 Teflon Tips
3 Ball & Cups
3 Pattern Rollers
2 Tracers

Tool bag

Can hold approximately 40 tools
Tools not included

Mimmic Tool gift set Presented in beautiful gift tin
Mimmic Gallery & Studio tool bag filled with a large range of imported tools comprising of the following:

Tool kit (13 piece)
Large Teflon Tips
Ball & Cup Set
Pattern Roller Set
Pack of 6 paper stubs
Giant Teflon Set

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